Saturday, October 30, 2010

Who Is John Galt? 

was on the sweatshirt of the friend that greeted me last night. It was guy's night at the movies, where I enjoyed The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, something I hadn't done in a long time. For an even longer time I hadn't seen a movie that was so thought provoking. Very refreshing. The guy's son got him the sweatshirt. Didn't know that he and son were big Ayn Rand fans. So is my daughter. Good to meet real live people who can actually think, 'specially in extremely blue climes.

The last week has been badly laid up on meds due to really bad back pain. Had something this bad four years ago. Steroids applied, and will follow up Monday. Much mobility is back but standing is really wobbly. I gotta get to the bottom of this.

Anybody know if getting up early every morning and kicking hippies is good exercise?

OSU stomp of Gophers tonight at Chammps.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Work is still a bitch. I am still performing amazing acts of SQL greatness on spare time, while doing other shit a damn lot of the time. Very tired at the end of the week. Actually feel a lot better once I leave the place. Given the short horizon of my likely time left in the exciting world of technology, and that the place where I work likes to reorg and RIF, doesn't make sense to hit the road every weekend. It was fun up to a couple of months ago, so time to look for work closer to home.

Did meet an interesting gal down there. Claims to be friends with Jimmy Johnson. He's a race car driver, right? Also had Archie Griffin over for dinner a few times. You heard me right, you SEC guys. The ONE AND ONLY DOUBLE HEISMAN WINNER. Read 'em and weep.

The only upside of this shit work is that I am now a lot more proficient in two other technologies.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Betty White's Biggest Fan 

Had a nice weekend anyway. Saw some parts of town I hadn't seen yet. Saw Secretariat last night. Pretty good. Tip O'the CaptainSQL hat to Boudicca (not linked here) for this video.


Saturday, October 16, 2010


the new shit. I'll stick to what Cappy does best. Keeping it up longer, with the biggest technology around.

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Yeah, it is on. Got snarky comment about "you guys are slow learners" from straw boss and I responded properly and legalisticly. Overall, not worth pissing match to go up and down the freeway on snowy weekends so will sniff around for something closer after the next spate of testing which I cannot avoid. Too bad, too. Did some CaptainSQL superheroics by lunchtime same day but the cost of weekdays out of town doesn't bear the measure of bullshit that can come on suddenly and rashly. I can get fresh bull-caca closer to home.

Friends are in from out of town and will meet 'em for breakfast, and meeting someone to see Secretariat tonight.

Also, why does everyone think the Ivy League is so great? Stupid Harvards can't program for shit.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Cotinue to go up the learning curve on the new phooey at work. Still have a great amount of good stuff to do, but really want to minimmize the crud. Also, the initial exposure really was at a bad time - big time squeeze, near crisis at home. Never good. so this job may yet boil down to being a more average type job, instead of a fiasco.

Still, working out of town on my own dime carries a cost, and this has got me thinking more about that cost. It's not just dollars. There is road risk, 'specially in winter, property risk while I'm away from the house, managing communications, and the question of how to carry on a social life. More time away is not better.

And there is the everpresent risk of headcutcounts, and sudden death reorgs like what hit me with this. Overall, methinks I'd be better off doing unto others before they do unto me.

Early AM watching college football. Anyone else think WVU's new uniforms are schoolbus gay?

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Doing OK for now at work and no crisis at home. Still a big wad of not-so-hot shit instead of real Database, but not as fatal as before, I think. But am measuring what kind of other jobs I'd look at, at what pay would be better than this mix. Just sayin'.


Saturday, October 09, 2010

A good Buckeye day of football. OSU dominates the hapless Hoosiers as xpected. Dennard Robinson looked like a great choice for the Heisman. If throwing picks is a big factor. 'Bama gets schooled by the cocks. Don't know how they contained Ingraham. That's Tressel's homework.

Feel much better. Still a lot of wreckage from the last month, I think. Nobody's told me to get out. But not pleased with the velocity and direction of the non CaptainSQL type work. That shit does not get me up in the morning, let alone fuel driving halfway across the state on weekends. There is other stuff available at home. Right now, nobody's also told me to stop doing database so I'm not going to jump at the first opening just now. Say the word, tho, and I'll bolt.

Closed up The Mad Greek last night. Haven't closed a bar in many many years. It was a lot of fun. Helping a friend get through his wife leaving through booze. His wife was real matter of fact about it. He's been staggering around, really shocked. The STBX also is cutting down on time with their kids. It sucks. It always does.

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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Got all my shit done for the deadline with one hour to spare yesterday, spoon-fed every step of the way. Gingerly went back to my regualr database work today, expecting at any time to be dragged back to the new shit. It'll be there in the future. I'm sure there will be plenty more rash changes of direction. Have seen a few of them there already. Anyway, slept well last night and am less of a wreck today.

Getting too old for this shit. Gonna look for something closer to home, and taking my own sweet time.



Tuesday, October 05, 2010


The team passed the first spell of our new assignment. Been rode hard and put to bed wet. About a month away from doing the good stuff at work. This weekend, perspective. In liquid form.

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This is the first time in my professional career I've considered quitting the job before lining up another one. Have considered talking to my manager but see no way to get back to what I was hired to do. And the top priority now is so far from my skill set I don't see any way to go but spoon feeding, certainly in the near future. It doesn't make sense they'd keep me and I don't see a future in this kind of work if I were to become proficient.

It made financial sense to accept this job. I have flexibility in looking for work since the house is paid off and the kid is pretty much on scholarship. Hate to throw in the towell, and I'm not doing that yet. But can't see the point in struggling along in a job that has obviously changed to the point where I never would have been considered for it if the current requirements were originally posted.


Sunday, October 03, 2010

Need to revise last couple of postings. It was important to be at home this weekend, even tho the daughter was in a snarky mood. The girl is under a lot of pressure. Some of it just sucks. Her mom was very sick the last week and this was very demanding. Once in a great while it strikes while I'm buried at work. It did this time for the first time in about 5 years. While working in town it was tough but managable. Working out of town it proved to be not so manageable. I don't want this one incident to drive where I work, but it is contributing mightily to a situation that went to shit over the last month.

Also pressure is that my kid is very smart, and very goal oriented. Trying to pick the best career path. She's researched it well and wants more math. Stupid literatre requirement is getting in the way. Overall, the pressure isn't fun but she is going in the right direction and has the smarts to pursue high level work. And I understand the frustration at wasting time with flower child wastrels whilst the thrill of mathematics calls. Sure, I've been harsh on hippies here and in real life. But really, folks, who is going to pay for those layabouts after the trust funds dry up? And for the yout of today, smoking weed isn't going to cut it in the competitive global marketplace. So despite the pressure now, the kid is going in the right direction.


Saturday, October 02, 2010

Daughter really surly and moody. I should not have busted my ass to get home to take her to the airport tomorrow. This weekend was a total loss.



with major institutions grows and grows. OSU looks bad vs. The Illini. Goodbye #2 rating.

Tried remote connect today to work from home. Fail. Missing two services. Really sucks. It worked for months before this.

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