Saturday, July 08, 2006

Boy, does my back ever hurt! The ancient and not venerable (or venerial) sofa in the living room has to go. I will wait until it's closer to the start of school so some worthy fraternity can apprehend it and park it on their porch, in the fine traditions of these parts.

This isn't making me any better disposed to discuss the divorce with my daughter, which is scheduled for tomorrow at lunch. Boy, if Acidman were around he'd have good advice. Probably along the lines of "tell the truth, and consequences be damned!" I'm going to go with that.

A secret underground pipe deteriorated last week leaving the drainage from the kitchen sink blocked by a thick coating of mud. At least it's not resolvable by handy snaking. So the plumbers will be digging for buried treasure in the basement next week. They'll find it, in my checkbook! In the meantime, this is a boon for Colonel Sanders and Mayor MacCheese, as I attempt to not stack up the dirty dishes to the point where the health department becomes involved.


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

After many years of hearing her mom's side of the divorce, which happened 10 years ago, my daughter wants to hear my side. I'll tell her briefly why we divorced, and avoid ranting and superlatives. My attititudes are presented in this blog, mostly about events after the divorce. Overall, I don't think it's good for my kid to dwell on this.


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