Monday, March 20, 2006

The ex has been going full blast on inappropriate places to put our kid for High School. Let's see whats left: Internet learning scams? Military school in Argentina? Alien abduction? Over the weekend things looked as if they may actually take a turn for the better. At least work is fine. I'm near the height of my Captain SQL geeklike powers now. And mostly, work is fun. But out sysadmins may have screwed the pooch on customer relations, so it may also be time to crack the books once more on the forefront of new, and incredibly shaky technology!


Saturday, March 04, 2006

The ex has been on the loose for the last week, with my daughter in tow. I promised more legal dung, and here it is.

Legal proceedings proceeded at a fever pitch until a sudden phone call two days ago. Her attorney called my attorney. She's dropping all motions. Happy dance time. The next day was parent conferences. I got the recommendations for my kids classes for high school from one of her teachers. The ex asked which high school this was for. The teacher answered that this is for the one in the district where both the me and the ex live. This is the only place our daughter can attend.

The ex exploded in an outstanding pyrotechnic display. She contradicted everything her attorney said the day before. There was going to be a trial. And a hanging (mine). Our daughter would testify in front of a judge. Blah blah blah blah blah.

Then another teacher attempted to don a black robe and "settle" this. I shortstopped that steaming pile of bullshit. I announced that I was not moving out of my house, or contributing further to private school. I also informed the teachers that the district's public high school offers more Advanced Placement than their favorite private school. So there.

Also, I'm angry with one of the other teacher's comments. She said math is hard. Maybe for her. I spent good, court ordered $ to feed her, and got math is hard. No. My math attitude for education is No Prisoners! This teacher needs six weeks of summer Math Camp in the Phillipines!


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