Sunday, November 28, 2010

Looking forward to Chanukkah with daughter, and other favorite people this week. Thanksgiving was nice, weekend was good with same drinking buddy, same martini bar, and a pretty comfortable time. Except for the next two shitty days at work, as senior tester monkeys screech and fling poo trying to turn CaptainSQL into Captain.CSV. If hadn't hurt back a while ago would be interviewing by now, but that will come in good time.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving, 2010 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Back is largely better, but with this holiday followed closely seeing my daughter immediately followed by two weeks of testing hell, I'm babying it along slowly. Lots of anti-inflammatory meds, ice, and as much rest as possible. And stretching. The back that is, not necessarily the truth. I'll leave the latter to the professionals.

Things sure have changed a lot since Labor Day. I'm pretty far from the world of database on the job, astray in the stupid and rashly assigned world of writing test scripts. The bitch of it is nobody is stupid or lazy. It was just a sudden, rash management decision to switch assignments. When I get into an ill defined, undocumented assignment, I cannot help but want to complete it successfully. I can't seem to help it, but this time I don't take it home and worry about it all day and night, like when it first hit. Basically, I don't care much for writing test scripts and need to find another job. And while I'm at it, get one where I can come home to my house at night.

Time to meet the potential son-in-law in the flesh, he of the Hoosier persuasion. Also plan to see the lovely and talented Erica whilst in NYC. Then, like I said, go face down in heavy duty (doody?) testing for two fucking weeks.

Have started to read again. Finished up an autobiography of Eddie Rickenbacker while babysitting a production install. A decent read, and an amazing life. Thomas Edison and Sgt. York rolled into one. Now reading The Book of Lights by Chiam Potok. A much thicker, slower read.

Will have Thanksgiving at a friend's house in Bustown tomorrow. Overall, was going to start up meeting people in Bustown in October, but between being pissed off about work then wrenching my back I wonder if it's worth it. Overall, need to be back at the Fortress of Database Excellence about every other weekend, and next big objective is to shitcan this shitcan of a job an get one in my hometown. I get together with friends in Cleveland when I'm up there, and haunt the regular Martini bar then. Overall, making the best of a mediocre situation.

Anyway, enjoy the turkey, stuffing and assorte pies.

The annual beatdown of MeatChicken is coming up Saturday.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veterans Day 

And much gratitude to those that put their lives on the line to protect the United States of America.
Back on the mend, still, now in the third week of this crappola. Doing a little better every day. Now at about 50% of my time on database. Every 60 days the manure truck pulls up at work and dumps a fresh load. Once I get more mobility and after our big events at the end of the year I will seriously start looking to reside in the Fortress of Database Excellence (tm) full time next year.

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