Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Happy Pesach
I'm still here!
My kid an I are heading to the big city for Passover, and a Seder at baby sister's. Have reviewed the State Supreme Court Judicial Cannons and cannot see a way to complain against the original judge in the divorce case, so that means no time wasted on that complaint. The calendar keeps crawling toward the end of middle school, and the inevitable move of my daughter to high school, whether her mom likes it or not.

I've gotten a highly creative gift for my little big city nephew, an OSU t-shirt. Watch the fun begin! Uncle will trot out his massive collection of Chief Illiniwek goods to counter this unwanted big-10 intrusion. This will set off massive fireworks from PCsis to force the good people of Illinois to change the name of their fine teams to something like "The Cringing Liberals" or "We Surrender So Don't Hit Us Frenchies".
Ain't I A Stinkah?


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

End of the Line?
More interesting bullshit as High School nears for my daughter. As always, when you think the ex cannot fuck it up any more, she does. At this time she's getting damn near criminal truancy and I will pursue it if necessary.

This will probably require a new website, where the names will not be changed to protect the guilty. So this may be the end of Captain SQL, as we know him.


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