Saturday, November 24, 2007

Football Bonus Weekend #1 

As the mighty SEC applecart is completely upset at LSU last night, allowing the Buckeyes to possibly nose back into the BCS championship, which would ironically hand Lloyd Carr a final victory (or humiliating defeat) opportunity before retirement. And most importantly, gives Cappy something to watch on the way back from Hawaii next weekend.

OSU needs some serious manning up of the non-conferenece schedule. How many MAC victories can one enjoy before the hammer comes down? Here's what we need:

Alternating years either the Big 12 or SEC. Top choices would be Texas and Florida repsectively. Texas for the show and tradititon, Florida for obvious reasons.

Alternating years either the Pac 10 or Big East. The Big East ought to alternate between W. Va, the only consistent challenge and Cincinnati, which is the next best in state. Sometimes Pittsburgh, because Pittsburgh blows.

Personably, I wanna see the Bucks play the Mountaineers for the BCS. Just sayin'.

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Thursday, November 22, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. And you know who you are. There's a lot to be thankfull for. Being an American, for one, and thanks to the men and women of our armed forces for making it possible to enjoy our freedom.

And, am thankfull for a great daughter, her health and mine, and a fun techie job.

And thankfull for football, and getting my behind on a plane for Hawaii next week.

There was minor drama at work yesterday but took care of it with a little extra effort this AM. That's why Captain SQL gets the big bucks. Those cheeseheads are beating up on Detroit this afternoon. Who knew they played football in the NFC?

This seems like a good time for Ren-n-Stimpy, for some reason.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Here's tribute to maybe the only decent (other) Cleveland blogger. What does she mean by hot crackers? Whenever I ask my daughter where the cracker section is at the supermarket, she just points to me.


Cappy Takes On the Challenge 

of posting lame drivel. Beer festering away in the basement, awaiting bottling, the final fermentation and transportation over the river (and probably through the woods) to the lovely Erin O'Brien. Kumbiyah fever hits our stupid project managers as they try to have SWAT team meetings so's we can hold hands around the campfire, go all hams on deck, and basically try to save their lame asses from their own stupid mistakes.

Yah sure, I've been on and even led my share of SWAT teams throughout these many years in IT. If they were anything but a save-the-ass project, why don't they arm us?

Hawaii beckons, and my trusty car dutifully threw on the Check Engine light. Bad throttle control sensor. Should be ready tomorrow.

Missed KOTH on Sunday, whilst wooing babeage. Gotta catch up with old Hank.

RIP Cotton Hill. You have served as a role model for all of us and will be missed.

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Somewhere Up There 

W. W. Hayes is smiling down upon us. OSU Beats Michigan, as noted before. My daughter's JV Academic Team completely humiliates the highly touted Detroit Central Catholic JV team at BGSU, who are now enroute to Loserville in that big loser swamp up north. Also, CWRU pulls off a squeaker in it's football division, providing at least one more week of important college football this fall.



OSU Wins Again! 

As G-D himself has ordained.



Time to Squeeze One Out 

A posting, not that other thing. Here's a reminder of what day this is:

This reminder brought to you by Fuck Michigan. Your finest in bitter football rivalries for over 100 years.

Key for the Buckeyes: Don't admit Hank Hill to the game.

Saw the kid off to the competition at BGSU and slid off to the local diner for pancakes, hash browns and sausages. Hey, I deserve some reward for getting up at 4:45 AM during the weekend. Ex will be under the knife again a week after Hawaii, and I'll be on call then too. So I'll be putting on the game face for that double whammy week.

OK. Still Fuck Michigan. And Fuck Political Correctness. If the bastards in that slimepit up north want it, they can have all the Hillaries and Dennises and Obamas they want. Here's maybe the one decent U of M grad. Then, Fuck Michigan again.

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Time getting sliced up a lot this weekend. See the kid off for a competition at 6:00 AM Sunday, pickup at 6:00 PM same day. In between I have my duly appointed rounds, most importantly the going away ass-kicking for Lloyd Carr.



Sunday, November 11, 2007

More Beer 

Waiting for the wort to cool so's I can pitch the yeast. A lot better than football this weakend.

Stupid Illini

Stupid Steelers

Stupid Flanders

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Midweek Update 

Is it time to go to Hawaii yet? Not seeing the kid much lately. Religious retreats and the Academic Team have events out of town on my weekends. It's a good thing she's into these kind of activities, but do miss her. What that Academic Team needs is a great coach like Peggy Hill! Also, cheerleaders. That kind of forward thinking is why I'm always a welcome sight at parent teacher conferences, open houses, et. al.

Cold moving in across the lake, right on time. Bleakness sets in. Only the promise of a bigtime ass kicking when OSU invades that state up north provides a ray of hope.

OK Eric. So he wasn't there. But the year for the Dino clip was correct, and he's a fellow Buckeye. That counts, right? Also, check out "Our Dumb World" atlas on page 6. There's the map to Erica's party. Be there or be square!

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Time for a 

Captain SQL update. My PC is slow, which is a hell of a thing for a big-time techie. Survived the latest layoffs nicely, thank you very much. The ever-intriguing babe situation is ever intriguing. And sometimes irritating. Kid doing great, although I don't get to see as much of her as I want lately. The gala Hawaiian vacation is still on for after Thanksgiving (who can resist Thanksgiving in Cleveland?), and trying to get a more reasonable time for the return trip.

The weekend has been not so hot. Replaced a light switch this morning. The the washer quit working. Also really banged up my knee this AM too. Damn.

OSU triumphs, as God meant it to be. Hey, quit complaining down there. They kicked ass all season to the greatest extent their schedule allowed!

Must track down eager, guillable locals to share in the results of my next batch of brew. Can't drink it all. At least not in one sitting.

It's about dang time for new King of the Hill episodes!

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