Saturday, October 09, 2010

A good Buckeye day of football. OSU dominates the hapless Hoosiers as xpected. Dennard Robinson looked like a great choice for the Heisman. If throwing picks is a big factor. 'Bama gets schooled by the cocks. Don't know how they contained Ingraham. That's Tressel's homework.

Feel much better. Still a lot of wreckage from the last month, I think. Nobody's told me to get out. But not pleased with the velocity and direction of the non CaptainSQL type work. That shit does not get me up in the morning, let alone fuel driving halfway across the state on weekends. There is other stuff available at home. Right now, nobody's also told me to stop doing database so I'm not going to jump at the first opening just now. Say the word, tho, and I'll bolt.

Closed up The Mad Greek last night. Haven't closed a bar in many many years. It was a lot of fun. Helping a friend get through his wife leaving through booze. His wife was real matter of fact about it. He's been staggering around, really shocked. The STBX also is cutting down on time with their kids. It sucks. It always does.

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