Friday, October 15, 2010

Cotinue to go up the learning curve on the new phooey at work. Still have a great amount of good stuff to do, but really want to minimmize the crud. Also, the initial exposure really was at a bad time - big time squeeze, near crisis at home. Never good. so this job may yet boil down to being a more average type job, instead of a fiasco.

Still, working out of town on my own dime carries a cost, and this has got me thinking more about that cost. It's not just dollars. There is road risk, 'specially in winter, property risk while I'm away from the house, managing communications, and the question of how to carry on a social life. More time away is not better.

And there is the everpresent risk of headcutcounts, and sudden death reorgs like what hit me with this. Overall, methinks I'd be better off doing unto others before they do unto me.

Early AM watching college football. Anyone else think WVU's new uniforms are schoolbus gay?

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