Sunday, October 03, 2010

Need to revise last couple of postings. It was important to be at home this weekend, even tho the daughter was in a snarky mood. The girl is under a lot of pressure. Some of it just sucks. Her mom was very sick the last week and this was very demanding. Once in a great while it strikes while I'm buried at work. It did this time for the first time in about 5 years. While working in town it was tough but managable. Working out of town it proved to be not so manageable. I don't want this one incident to drive where I work, but it is contributing mightily to a situation that went to shit over the last month.

Also pressure is that my kid is very smart, and very goal oriented. Trying to pick the best career path. She's researched it well and wants more math. Stupid literatre requirement is getting in the way. Overall, the pressure isn't fun but she is going in the right direction and has the smarts to pursue high level work. And I understand the frustration at wasting time with flower child wastrels whilst the thrill of mathematics calls. Sure, I've been harsh on hippies here and in real life. But really, folks, who is going to pay for those layabouts after the trust funds dry up? And for the yout of today, smoking weed isn't going to cut it in the competitive global marketplace. So despite the pressure now, the kid is going in the right direction.


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