Sunday, March 16, 2008


Finally asked The Sopranos at the local McDonalds if the gal that hangs with them is Kathy, a High School classmate of mine and Airhead Supreme. Turns out that she is. Also, I'm too young to join that August group of cranky old men. It's a great relief to be too young for something.

Kumbiyah tonight as baby sis is in town from Chi. This will be fortified with Guiness, in honor of St. Patrick's day. Her plane was diverted to Detroit for a couple of hours yesterday until the fog cleared here, so she missed a breakfast at Eat at Joes. Another friend filled in as I shovelled pancakes into my face, and has the photo to prove it, which I won't share. Also yesterday had the traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage with the current girl I'm seeing, and a couple of her friends. Nice couple. Yakked away about football with P.J., H.S. variety, while the gals conspired in Russian.

I give. I'm not going to waste time with stupid sub-full-screen editors no matter what the labels say. Not on my time and not on my dime! If work will pay for it, I'll do it. Whinemeal, there's plenty of sane people left in this world. And I intend to join that group someday.

The kid continues to pile up the honors, and it's off to the big city next weekend to have a look at colleges. Don't know much about getting around the place, but a guy named Elliot gave me some advice so I can't go wrong! You'll never find our governor, Bud Strickland in that kind of trouble. Ha ha, he's gay.

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