Monday, February 22, 2010

The job hunt is turning up unusual combinations of skills, and if it says SQL I'll go for it. Also exploring offering up my services in a similar technology as an independent consultant at a low-low-low beat Pune price, 'cause need to get my foot in the door and my face in a Skyline Chili until I can get a couple of years of x-perience under my belt for the new technology. The byteheads in house have been encouraging, which sez a lot 'cause their feet are going to be pounding the pavement for work at the same time I will.

The ex flunked back to the hospital for more surgery after being in rehab a day. This happens all the time. Damn good thing my daughter graduated early from High School. She's already got the better part of freshman year of college under her belt, and I should be able to help through much more before any shiite really hits the fan.

A little excitement on-call last night when tools didn't work as advertised. Had to apply cold, hard logic to the project manager. Damn, that cold hard logic is hard on the knuckles. Martinis tonite, then on to the graveyard shift Wed AM.

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