Thursday, October 15, 2009

All registered for an online tech course at a nearby college. Free downloads and mickey mouse coursework haven't satisfied, as I continue the unending hunt to add points and recentness to a nascient resume what needs it in the event of headcutcounts next year. I hope it doesn't come to that. Also, just have the old Programming Jones.

Freedom is at hand. Only a couple of months of Child Support. Folks, it hasn't been fun. But in any evenuality of headcutcounts, at least I won't go to the pokey if the income drops or is otherwise disrupted. I got off easy lo these many years. It was a choice of this car or that one, not having food on the table or not.

Babe magnitude offering up interesting results. That pretty much means, gals living in situations where I don't want to be. Some of which are damn depressing. Tonight, I get my shots, make sure my passport is stamped, and head off to the strange and exotic other side of town.

Pure Prarie League now announces a concert in a decent sized city. Chillicothe. Hot damn.

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