Monday, May 04, 2009

Back at work(?) after a busy and chopped up weekend. Koz was smooth. So was Cappy. We plan to see Star Trek next weekend. Looks like a loooong movie, so get those pointy ears on early!

Back at work, and can't get the RealMenofGenius earworm out of my head. So here goes:

Real Men of Genius
- Mr. Project Manager Panic Guy

Here's to you, Mr. Project Manager Panic Guy
When lesser men do their pansy planning and scheduling
You... step forward to promise immediate deadlines
And when the going gets tough
The smart get going - right off your project.
Watch them hit the door!
You, and you alone can compress design and testing
And initiate both 24 hours before install.
Cram it down the users' throats!
You do all the heavy lifting
Like calling two-a-day panic meetings
And ordering the pizza for the all night on site weekends
3 large pepperoni!
So for all you do to projects, Bud Lite
Salutes you, Mr. Project Manager Panic Guy!

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