Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New PC Upd8 

Cappy here again, on the old, unstable, rotting system. It was out. Then it was in. Then partly working. Now blogging on Firefox, in living color, over most of these stations. Dang grammar is deterior8ing as we speak. Anyways, setting up the new laptop is a big pain you-know-where and I haven't even gotten to setting up e-mail, e-mule, or interwebs. Did take the occasion to take the Main Squeeze to the Rock Haul of Fame. This time I didn't freak out in the upper reaches. I'm working on that. The Ohio exhibit was sorely missing in Pure Prarie League. Enjoy it b4 they haul the Hall to NYC. The publisher of Rolling Stoned is already whining about having to maintain the large glass pyramid by the shores of Erie. Thing ain't worth shit for corn storage either. Not much else left in downtown Cleveburg, and it may as well join the exodus from these parts. But, hey! Starting next January the rest of the USA can enjoy the same kind of leadership that has made the Great Lakes cities the shining beacon they are today!

U.C. Beercats are in a for-real bowl! How's 'bout that?

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