Friday, November 14, 2008

Time for a Captain SQL Update 

Some kind of virus or other thingy has laid low my PC this week, but employing superior technical skizzles Cappy has overcome this. Just goes to show, the world was not ready for all your fancy GUIs and interwebs and whatnot. Or it could be the dang backup software or MP3 crap recently installed. Anyways, it has retarded progress on a number of tasks.

Waiting for Frinite football to commence on ESPN2. Who ever told Cincinnati they could play football? But they've clawed their cute little Beercat paws into the BCS top 25, so there y'are. Wonder what ol' Hank Hill makes of all your UC's and Vanderbilts and Northwesterns popping up this season.
This is a Captain SQL Update Alert! Louisville leads at the half, in the classic Keg O'Nails game. One exciting game underway now on the Ohio. Lots of long bombs, and very fast. That Cinti QB Pike has quite an arm, and pretty amazing for one that's broken.

Career planning for the upcoming year continues, if at a relaxed pace. Just in case of contingencies. Not too worried. If'n the President Elect can't wave a magic wand and produce beer in the desert, we'll have to rely on Neil Patrick Harris and his magic rainbow unicorn. Continuing to see the lates main squeeze. Man, those chicks, nobody can figure them out. What if they came with error codes? That would be great. I've gotta work on that.

The kid is doing great. Today she taped the light switches for Shabbos. Quite a different way of life for Cappy. No word lately from the Kumbiyistas. No loss there.

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