Sunday, November 02, 2008

Another fine weekend here, fall in full color in N.E. Ohio and only one call calling on me to vote for President Hussein so far. Cleveland leads 27-13 over The Ravens now. Pretty good game. Excellent one yesterday as OSU took some well deserved comic relief and Texas Tech beat Texas, as the action moves to The Big 12 this fall. Wikipedia sez KOTH will probably air it's last new episodes in 09/10 so I've got a couple of years of enjoyment with old Hank &co. whiles I troll for new work or fend off whatever B.S. a President Hussein foists upon an unsuspecting nation.

Some damn security update screwed up and now it's causing unpredictable results in IE. Maybe it's time to try Firefox. Also Gooble arrogated itself to be my home page and I don't like that. Probably something the Kumbiyistas would like to do across the board. But they being lazy shits won't have much of a chance. I'll fix this.

Not too de-pressed about the election. Next day I'll put on my DBA pants one leg at a time and go in to work, same as before. Politics doesn't rule my life. But the Kumbiyistas have really revealed themselves this time around for what they are. They live and breathe this stuff because they can't find any other purpose in life. Basically, they aren't as good as others, just louder. Gaze unto their strongholds such as Cleveland and Detroit, and be disgusted with what they hath wrought!

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