Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The End of an Era? 

Apparently interview 1 went well. This is the kind of stuff CaptainSQL!!!!!!! lives for. Buffer pools. Massive fallback planning. All kinds of access to early release of new DBMS features. Cannot get it out of my techdweeb mind. This may be a case of go big or go home. Of course it's out of town. Like you expected any innovation to thrive in Bluetown? Hey, peeps vote with their feet.

And it may be fewer and farther between visits to the martinibar. True, they've added back some live jazz. That would be cool to hear but I'll be hosting my kid here in the near future. And there just is no way to prevent the liberal from turning into the food police. Sad but true and you know it. Anyways, as I go further into the realm of unemployment, said martinis may be replaced by Blatz.

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