Thursday, December 24, 2009

FB is all FU 

It's a mess. Merging real life with bloglife. Like basically, many of the blogfriends who have made it over to FB are a couple dozen good old boys, down to earth. And Erica. Also down to earth in a NYC kind of way. This pretty much duplicates one of the bloodbath ERP installations of my youth. And it had a damn lot of drinking, too. As of late a few survivors of the Real Life project have straggled on to FarceBook. So it's like the regular Seinfield group confronting the Bizarro Seinfeld group. Weird.

Also, amongst the CaptainSQL High School classmates on FB, much mingling of Track 1 (AP types) with Track 4 (2/10" above special) peeps. I blame massive screw ups in testing in the 1950s.

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