Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In Memoriam 

Rusell Ackoff

OK. You've never heard of this guy. And quit snickering about the name. But I read some of his books back in the daze when I was taking Operations Research, including a class with the Burton V. Dean. Yes, I got my BVD's into OR at the time. He was a big applied math whiz back in the day when a Simplex assignment meant the weekend was shot to hell. That was before more powerfull processors made it possible for every snot nosed AP Poindexter to rip one of those babies out overnight, and even my former brother in law, Dumbass, managed to masturbate his way through an MBA with this stuff. Russ honchoed Buweiser to world domination, leaving in it's wake the likes of POC, Red White and Blue, and Old Style.

But no matter how good we were in crunching the numbers (and other stuff) by hand, we never could optimize our chances with hot babes.

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