Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's Worse than That, Cappy 

It's dead. Pronounced dead by the course instructor, the Lollipop SQL Guild, and "Bones" McCoy. No way around this technology download BS in this release of the Operating System. What a piece of crap. Wrecked the week, too. Bad tired Tuesday because of aggrivation Monday carrying over into sleepytime. Yeah, I still get worked up about these things. Very wussy yesterday, maybe because of left over sleep dep. Last night though, two nightmares. Don't have 'em too often. These were not the scary type. They were the lonely type.

#1 was at a current version of my first I.T. job. I was in a small, modern office overnight. Dark and alone, wondering why I was there. I knew my boss had died a while ago (which happened in real life). #2 was longer running. I was at my current age, living in a boarding house/dormitory above a Sizzler in St. Louis. The lady next door worked there. They announced a kegger since they were closing down to become a casino. I went up to my room and wandered the halls. Also wondered why I was there when my job was in other cities. Anyway, I know I slept last night.

So, I've got a couple long weekends here. Guess I'll read up on the next version of my current technology, and also fool around with some programming. May also pay a little visit to another technology and try a download. I'm a little burned out from the screwing around with class. Do like the gal I've been seeing lately, but her neighbors sound dicey. I'll have to survey the situation. Seem to be running into a lot of that lately. Maybe this burg is sliding further into the dumper.

Is it just me, or do the remaining leftists others know also seem to be getting flakier. I'm not talking about politics or The President now. Just seems like almost all conversations turn to really edgy bullshit. Stuff sounds like celebrating mental illness, being a wastrel, confusion about sexuality. Got no time for that bullshit. Seriously, not for me. Don't even want to be near it. Also, I don't know why they are so whoopsed up about evolution. I don't know anyone else who is, either pro or con. That includes all Christians and Jews I know. Nobody sees it as a big deal, one way or another.

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