Friday, September 11, 2009

The kid calls from NYC and is OK. She's having a good time there too. Always something going on. She'll be in for Yom Kippur and a couple of holidays that follow. Should have the place cleaned up by then. Went to a retirement lunch for one of our systems guys today. Really nice guy. I'll miss working with him. 39 years and out. Not too much of that any more. Fiddling around with a DBMS install at home, none of the service account setup on my OS version looks like anythiing in the book. Crap, I'll probably have to buckle down and pay for a class. May as well, not going to do much when the snow flies.

Been surveyed by Rasumssen and by the University of Kansas this week. Damn, if I ain't popular!

I love screwing with data.

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