Monday, September 28, 2009

Daughter arrived safe and sound yesterday, and we're now in the throes of fasting for Yom Kippur. OSU performing a normal crushing of an incompetent Illinois team. Part time techitude at home is stumbling along. I'll probably plunk down the money and take a course early next year. Do it yourself installs at home not cutting it any more. OSU will probably maintain ratings over Cincinnati due to some ranking of other big 10 teams, none for the Big Easy.

But the big story is the self destruction of the Browns. Not less than 4 hours after yesterday's fiasco I heard that at least 5 of our millionaire crybabies had compaints against Mangini, 'cause he was cracking down on they temper tantrums. I'm talkin' to you, Braylon. Then today on the way to shul Doug Dieken pointed out that Brian Robiske wasn't even suited up yesterday. Pardon me. WTF???

Anyway a prominent Reform Rabbi conducts the morning service on Yom Kippur, then hits the links before the afternoon services. He has his best game ever. A hole in one on the 5th. The heavenly hosts are perturbed. How can this be? The assebled angels ask. The Angel Gabriel speaks to the lord. Gabriel says "What manner of folly is this? Should not this man be punished, for profaning the Day of Atonement?"

God speaks unto Gabirel, saying "Who's he going to tell about this?"

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