Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nice performance by the Browns last night. Time to let Brady start for real. Very fine work by the defense. Man, with the cool off this weekend I'm getting in the old football spirit now. My even chance a visit to a Big 10 game. Gotta check out price/availability of OSU vs. Toledo at Browns Stadium.

Lots more free time now and have picked up a more serious do-it-yourself book about alternative database technology. Since work is still unsettled I look on this as a backup technology if I have to hit the road. Ix-nay on the ogrammingpay onesJay this time.

Kid sounds pretty normal in the big city. She's coming up against those big NYC grocery prices but sounds like she's navigating the intricacies of freshmanship OK.

Also told the Plain Dealer to stop delivering unwanted anti-American and Jew hating garbage to my property on Sundays, and to eat shit and die.

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