Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rough week. Headcutcount Friday at work. Not my department, but some guys I worked with for a long time. We knew these would be coming, but it still sux. Wrapped up the post-graduation hoohah with the school in a busy as hell Monday and Tuesday with the assistance of an attorney. Lawyers. Don't leave home without them. Then Tuesday night got up from a deep sleep when my back went out. Thursday PM it was so bad that I got meds on Friday, which are working nicely, thank you very much. The weekend was better, althoug Frinite was irritating all around.

Listening to Creedence CR now. It fits.

Up next, nurse the back back to health, drop off the kid at college. Then get cracking on recovery from latest girlfriend. Then simultaneously get serious about putting points on the board on the backup technlogy, for any possible job hunt.

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