Saturday, June 20, 2009

Weekend Fail 

One of the great things about being older is that every fail isn't the end of the world. Take this weekend. Please. Thursnite started out nice. Both sisters were over, without even more Goode Family like relatives attached. Middlesis was zonked out from work, littlesis from her trip in from ChiTown. Overall, it was nice. My daughter enjoyed it too. I think. And so it looked like the first post-graduation week was wrapping up nicely. And with a surplus of pizza in the fridge that is still feeding me. Only Friday to get through, so what could go wrong?

Pick up my daughter from a Clinic seminar Friday afternoon. This should have been a nice break from work, and a chance to shmooze with other kids in the program. She was tense, and pouty, so I knew something was up. About halfway home she spills the beans. Spoiler Alert for several cheezy teen movies, and many adults recurring nightmares.

As background, this girl worked her tushy off last year doubling up on courses so she could finish High School a year early, because she wanted a more religious life at a top university. And she toally did that. She accomplished her goal. The school administration for the most part was wonderfully supportive. Actually, they got back to us same day. You won't even get that service when paying bigh $$$$ to private industry, so these top guys at the school deserve a lot of credit, and I give them that recognition.

Only one presented any obstacle to her doing early grauation. One guidance counsellor really seemed to have a bone in her throat about this. If only it was a literal bone in the throat! Anyways, long story short, my daughter accomplishes what she needs at school and the Principal verifies she has the credits. In fact, he ordered her diploma two weeks even before I asked him is she could participate in gruaduation! He deserves a lot of kudos for this!

So graduation was a week ago last Thursday. The Superintendant certified that all participating had met graduation requirements. Everything was above board. And we had a great time and lived happily ever after.

Until yesterday afternoon. The "Guidance Office" called my kid and told her she needed wait for it.... an extra half credit to graduate. I put this in the category of bullshit. This girl's progress for the last year has been totally under the microscope. She gave up being Valedictorian in 2010, and all the ceremonial graduation honors to meet her objective. All the free time she sacrificed could have gone to more activities, or more competitions, or a job, or learning to drive, or just hanging out and being a kid.

So I wonder if this strange audit of her transcript was a going away gift from the Counsellor. This woman will not be a Counsellor next year. She was demoted to proctoring online classes for the kids at one of the districts "alternative" High Schools. Which means she is Vice President of Sitting By The Door. I heard she made a lot of inappropriate remarks to students in the last couple of years and all my kid's teachers seemed to be on to her. I never complained about her because the administration bigshots have been great guys. But this kind of review one week after the diplomas were certified seems strange.

Isn't that the way of the petty tyrant? The misplaced paperwork. The "misunderstanding". The arms crossed "This is our policy. We know it runs counter to the rules. And maybe the law. But what are you going to do? Huh?" attitude Americans have come to know and loathe so much.

And of course they dumped this on my kids on a Friday afternoon, when she couldn't do anything about it but get burned up. It burned me up plenty. Who the fuck goes over already certified diplomas once kids have graduated?

More fail today. Girlfriend was going to see Land of the Lost with me, but has a sick dog. With all the crap yesterday I don't know if I would have been the best company today. So I head out to the other side of town to go to a techie picnic which is on some church grounds. I gets there, and find myself almost crashing some Eastern Orthodox wedding.

Is it Monday yet?

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