Saturday, April 04, 2009

Smooth Jazz Blogging 

on a Saturday afternoon. Next concert, Dave Koz, at the Tri-C Jazzfest in May. Last night was a beery dinner with SQLGirlfriend, at a couple of locations but she's commiserating with co-workers tonight as her company is undergoing the current economic adjustments. So, off the the house o'martinis a couple of miles away for Cappy. Yep, work is getting pretty hinkey all around in these parts.

Yesterday was a gray, cool spring day in Cleveland, a day like any other. I told my secretary, Lorraine Carnegie she could have the afternoon off, since I wasn't figuring on any business after lunch anyway. Then, at 12:30 AM, as I dozed off into dreamland, the shrill song of the pager broke the night. I lept out of bed and got into a good belt of Scotch. Punched in the routine on the phone, and the ever-trusty 2nd shift operator answered.

Anyway, I got up before the birdies today and the sky was blue and grass was green, something that hardly ever happens around here. So, overall, it's been a pretty good day. Passover is on the way, so don't let your dough rise!

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