Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Dull, Dull, Dull! 

Yep, pretty dull around here. Going away party for Mario the DBA yesterday. He was a good guy, and all have to look out for their best interests. April is usually a dull month, too warm and wet to really appreciate being inside, and none of the spring or summer activities have gotten underway. Both the girlfriend and I are in wait-and-see mode at work, so no big projects at home or at work. Passover tomorrow, Seder at shul on Thursday. Politics are too farked up beyond belief to even do a coherent rant. I'll leave it to Beaver the professionals.

Over the weekend the MSU/U.Conn game was good, but yesterday's NCAA b-ball championship was one slaughter, which I could not abide after the halftime break.

Also, I agree with this guy. Does this make me a redneck yet? God, I sure hope so.

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