Saturday, February 07, 2009

Nice way to start the weekend. We went to Whole Foods Frinite wine/beer/appetizer party and ended up at Eat at Joes for breakfast (filling in for lunch, too) this morning. Saw Leatherheads in between. Not a bad movie, not a classic either. No We Are Marshall or Hoosiers. My daughter continues to kick ass big time academically at school. She won a national award for system design and they'll be presenting it at an assembly this month. Since she will probably graduate High School in August this could be a great substitutue for graduation. It's worth it if she can do Y.U. a year early. A much better religious environment if it works out. Also gives me a chance to noodle around NYC once in a while and nudge Tri-State bloggers. Can I say Tri-State? That used to be or still may be the term for Cincinnati. Back in the day.

Tense week at work, with rumors and cancelled meeting flying all over the place Friday. This is going to be an unstable couple of years, I think. After then I'll be of an age when the only thing to do is ride the technology I end up supporting down the chute like Slim Pickens in Dr. Strangelove.

This years Superbowl. Good game. Too bad The Steelers won.

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