Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day 

This is a day to reflect upon and thank all Veterans, those that have given of themselves to protect our freedom.

For some reason, AMC has been running crappy war movies today. They had Von Ryan's Express around midday. Killing Nazis good. Frank Sinatra good. Mixing the two, doesn't work for some reason. I wanna get Sink the Bismarck. That was one of my WW2 faves, and also my dad's. It would be appropriate for today.

Have purchased an MP3 in anticipation of long road trips in the upcoming college years for my daughter. Never let it be said that I'm not a hep cat. Don't know why it's not vi edit based. Must have a bunch of dorks as a user base. Hell, if they had any nads, they's program it in raw BAL. Using punch cards and paper tape. First to get loaded, ZZ Top. In fact, I've got Recycler playing right now. Plenty of head banging roadmusic to load.

Work is still tumultuous and probably will be for a while. Noodled around today in search of Blue Highways, by Bill Moon. I wanna read that book again. It was a damn good read. I did two statewide blue highway tours in my lifetime, both in the 70's. One was my post graduation cross Ohio trip on Route 42, in the old black Chevy Impala. Then later, and much colder (try around -22 Farenheit) across that state up north in the Olds Omega crapcar. Anyways, didn't run into Moon's classic, but did pick up It Takes a Village Idiot by Bill Mullen. Like I said buried in an earlier rant, if I do get relocated, I'm heading for Red country.

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