Friday, September 19, 2008

Talk Like A Pirate Day. Arrrr... 

Unless you are Jimmy Dimora, in which case you are a pirate. One with his fat face stuck in a box of doughnuts. Don't like to blog politics much. Many do it much better. Also, in Cleveland, it's a lost cause. We re-elect sleazewads like Dimora, Hagan, Christine McMonagle et. al. because we love 'em. At least those remaining in this county. Most sensible and employed people are hitting the county line PDQ fast. It is also long since past when any liberal has anything to say to me about any bigger issues too. If they do, they need to refer to the behavior of my ex-wife's congregation as given in these blog archives.

A quick and hopefully not shameful game vs. Troy State, wherever that is, then it's off the The Big 10 for the Bucks. The chance for us to humiliate MeatChicken gives hope to life, as we know it. Braylon Edwards not contributing to The Browns. That's a UM grad, for ya. Also, with The Big 10 Network blackout tomorrow I will be forced to watch some decent SEC games.

The Vermillion trip was nice. Always nice to be on the water this time of year. Waiting for leaves to fall. Fall, leaves, fall. Defoliation of the back yard occurred yesterday when the hedge came down. I still have some stubble to clear this weekend, then it gets planted with a nice layer of grass. Really enjoying the wide open spaces now!

My daughter is theoreitically here this weekend, but spending Shabbos with a more observant family nearby. It seems like it's been a year since I last saw her! College application underway, so she may be gone to NYC this time next year. Sounds like a good excuse to visit, and barge in on the local bloggers. Always on the lookout for convenient corn storage. Hey, this address on Chauncey Street looks promising.

I did screw up lately, tho. Will be going to a Maria Muldaur concert next weekend, but didn't know how big a leftie she is. Can't back out of this one, so guess I'll have to send my camel to bed and bite the bullet. Some deserving cause will get some of my guilt gelt, tho. On the positive side, I do see that some of the ranters on Cleveland.com are on to McMonagle, or more likely have also been screwed big time by her.

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