Monday, September 01, 2008

Still not in the go-out-and-get-'em spirit of starting out the new week. Did done my due dilligence yesterday over the problem from Saturday, but know I'm going to be busy with it all week. Hard to believe my kid got her schedule only recently and returned to school. Also, the time between the big scary potential project last week and the Saturday problem was 24 hours. At least I got martinis in between them, but will need more. Beer really doesn't help that much. Also, getting hammered with my kids schedule and work hoohah, sometimes simultaneously has to play hob with the Babe Magnitude.

I did get a big hot steaming heap o'Kubmiyah today regarding the Chicago Bar Mitzvah. I may be joining my sister that lives here and some of her friends the Friday before for dinner in Chicago, which will become an Obamafest unless I can find a quick and obviously flimsy excuse for avoiding it. Got-damn, I tells ya, does propagandizing for vegetarianism/third-worldies/global warming/feminism/ashamed to be American have to permeate every moment of these lefties beings? I mean, I just mentioned that I'd be going to a local Rib Cookoff and she had to mouth off about Tofu Ribs. Well, you'd better believe Cappy went forth and did enough arterial damage to, uh, I don't know, help me here, guys, well do a lot of arterial damage. So this is what I face, so send in those lame excuses, gang.

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