Monday, August 25, 2008

Very busy taking my daughter here and there in the last two days before school starts again. Also big deal project heating up and is exhausting. Energy running down. Getting those that know better to move off they ass is like pulling teef. Psychotic ex will have a patented fit when she learns of daughter's progress. So tired. Project going slowly. Senior staff starting to sound like bullshit attorneys.. zzz. zzzzz. ZZTop. Tired of arguing with blowhards... so tired. TV on to Kumbiyahland. Bush. Bush... Too tired to think rationally or manage the project. It's messed up because of President Bush. Too lazy to take responsibility. Bush did it. It's Bush's fault for results. Yes... Chimpy McHitler no smart. Chimpy McHitler start war so he get free barrell of energy. Chimpy McHitler do bad Oil for Food program. Chimpy McHitler own stock in the Haliburton. Chimpy McHitler feed on the bones of Iraqi children. Chimpy McHitler mean to French. Aaaaaaaaaaaagggghhhhh!

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