Sunday, August 31, 2008

OK. Going a lot better today. More running. Surprised this cube farmer hasn't had a heart attack yet from it. Unfortunately, no Erica lookalike sightings today. Feel better after getting the Temple web site updated and I'm going to put in time to prepare for fixing what was called about yesterday. But first goning to make Chicago Bar Mitzvah reservations for October. Go Cubs! Not that the National League means anything to me but a World Series will shut up the flaming liberal relatives and others at the festivities in October. Also good, that is the date certain where Illinois beats MeatChicken. Yay!

Beer to follow CaptainSQL Fixes the Nasty Weekend Call. Babe Magnitude is there but going slow. Possible violation of CaptainSQL policy about dipping pen in company ink. Don't think I'll follow up on that. Others are taking their leisurely time. I tell 'ya, though, no chick can resist music like in the posting below!

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