Friday, September 14, 2007

Just posting to keep up here, as this weekend starts the real season of glorious Big Ten football. I'm reading "Against the Day", which is a substantial sized book filled with flowery words and Pynchon self-referencing humor. Still grazing thru a slump, babewise. My daughter will be with me most of the weekend and I go back and forth from anger, resignation, outrage, and a more normal attitude about that. She's going to be looking at college admission soon, and her mom's drama won't buy her a damn there. Martinis have helped. So have a lot of really sophomoric movies.

I didn't post about the 9/11 anniversary because so many others have written about it much better. I remember that awful day. And won't forget or forgive. And that goes for those that protect or defend the terrorist murderers, be they oversears or right here in America.

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