Sunday, September 02, 2007

(Avoidance of) Labor Day 

My daughter came over Frinite and Saturday and went Whitewater Rafting today. Worked out a semi-schedule for the rest of the year. Sleeping in a lot too this weekend, as I become more of a parrothead each month.

I don't have it as bad as these guys, no thanks to the Shitfuckbastards at Domestic Relations Court. That's right mofo, I mean you hiding behind your fucking robes. This isn't contempt of court. The judges here would need to work double-duty overtme for me to raise the level of respect for them to contempt.

So here it is from other guys.

And here is a salute to the state that encourages and protects my ex-wife in all her attempts to turn my kid against me. Yea, I 'm talkin' to you Oiho. Led by the shitbags in Cuyahoga, lover of criminals and grabber of taxes. You yeah you fatass Jimmy D. So glad we can pay more taxes than anyone else in the state to get more carbohydrates into your pie-hole.

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