Saturday, August 25, 2007

Blue Weekend 

My get up and go got up and went. Could be some of these pain pills for the back. Did normal stuff for weekend so far. I do miss having my daughter around. Maybe when school starts Monday she'll have something else besides the eternal drama of her mom to think about, maybe not. I'll need to speak to her later in the year about applying for financial aid when it comes time to look at college, and other big-deal opportunities she might screw up. Then it's up to her. She's been a very capable girl throughout it all. But if she can't or won't go through with simple, basic things that any kid can handle like college financial aid or traveling overseas with the right documentation then there would be nothing I can do for her. She would be putting herself beyond my ability to help.

She's been under a lot of pressure over the years to reject me, from her elementary and middle school, which catered to the ex, and from her mom's congregation. I don't see a way she could not be influenced by all this. Still, there's gotta be hope.

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