Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Blogging now, since I'm waiting at home for the gas co. to show up and inspect the meter. Their idiot subcontractor couldn't keep an appointment or follow simple scheduling software, so after screaming at enough guys they're going to send out a real employee! They needed to offshore this job, since everyone knows it's always better overseas and it's just another job Americans won't do and are genetically inferior about doing. Like Database Administration and programming for instance. Blogging now instead of working from home because the powers that be want asses in seats for those stupid Americans. Not like the trustworthy subalterns on the subcontinent, where merry Keebler elves work all the time cheap cheap cheap of course without any need for line o'sight supervision

Middle sister's move to bigtown continues underway. I think she's overwhelmed. A couple of these blew up on her and rent is a lot more than in this here collapsed real estate market.

KOTH football league may be collapsing. Only me and Dang ol' Boomhauer have teams.

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