Thursday, April 12, 2007

More Home Repairs 

didn't go so well. Damn, if only that snake were propane driven! I've about had it with the bathroom sink, and repeated power snakings done clumsily mean that 50's or 60's vintage porcelean will have to go. Need to stick to software. No comments, please. I'm still not at the Dale Gribble level.

Speaking of which, went back to work today. The building was still standing. My daughter had a good stay here and there was no drama after Sunday. No drama is good drama. Friends are coming in from out of town tomorrow and will get together with them. Not going to negotiate getting my kid for that since the ex would bring in much drama.

Also in the Dale Gribble category, the family get together included a spectacular tin-foil hat exposition from relatives and their friends. Blamed Bush, cited the conspiracy against the electric car (what they really won't tell you is about the car that runs on water!) and how crime is good. The last one from a relative that wants to run everything. Yeah. The only running will be from taxpayers in this county, because that's the prevailing opinion among the stupid liberals that are in charge. Taxpayers run like hell for the county line.

Last of the original batch of beer finished off last night. Now for the real stuff!

Just noticed Blogger's Hindi transliteration feature. Hot damn! That's what my devoted readers have been waiting for!

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