Wednesday, October 03, 2012

I Like This Guy's Approach 

Not bad for a Hoosier.  And I don't mean the tire.

But I have a different take.

We need to take the worst statements of both candidates at face value. 

Oblamaramadingdong, or worthless President, really believes that there is no property.  Nobody built a goddam thing for themselves.  To him, all for the state, and the state above all.

RumKnee said 47% are bums.  Forbes magazine, that Red Rag, says that given all entitlements, breaks and taxes, it's 97%.  OK.  So you suddenly get a clown boss, and you're on yerass a month later.  Used to be an updstanding citizen. Now yerabum, and alwayz wuz.

Well, both really suck.  The screamers on both sides have had their way.  Obama goddam well means it, and every fuckbrained idea your hippie relatives could ever dream of.  And they are becoming a mandatory part of your life.

Romney's saving grace is he was probably lip-synching some asshole and doesn't mean you are literally a worthless p-o-s.  He didn't rule that way in Assachusetts.  Probably won't in real life either.

And for those of the GOPurist persuasion, it that's not good enough for ya, I recommend hawking your pure philosophy at E. 55th and Central.

I am (still, goddamit!) CaptainSQL!!!!!!!, and that's the way it is.



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