Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 

As 2010 winds down, and 2011 rears it's ugly head, I sit here in the Fortress of Database Excellence and Test Scripting Apathy counting my blessings. Like having a healthy and smart daughter on the right track, and like, having a job, and it's somewhat related to what I do best. It could certainly be a lot worse.

Christmas lunch with in-town sister and crew today in Chinatown. Pretty good. Not even one hate-America statement. I think it may even be penetrating liberal skulls that the stupidity that reigns along the shores of Lake Erie and other Great Lakes may not be sustainable. In any case, we have a new Governor who is happy to provide a size 11 reminder.

Work has stepped away from the shit that was happening earlier in the fall. Still has exposed a nasty side I knew is always possible in I.T., but can lope along cantankerously until more opportunities arise at home. Life is just a little sweeter in Bustown for now.

SadOldGoth sent me the mp3 files for E. Power Biggs Plays Scott Joplin. On a harpsichord. One damn frozen day early in 1977 my 5:00 AM alarm woke me to the selection of The Maple Leaf Rag on the album. This was during the deep freeze of 1977, damn bitter cold. And I had a big hangover from the previous night. Took me five minutes to convince myself I wasn't dead.

As said in another place and time, FarceBook has pretty much taken the place of active blogging for me. Lots of I-71 time in my life, and the weeks are spent in my office-like apartment. Things slowed down just enough for me to post this one now.


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