Friday, December 31, 2010

EOY Navel Gazing 

I hate navel gazing. A big waste of time ususally and there's lots more attractive things to ogle. But a couple of things have become more obvious since the big heave-ho earlier this year. Like Scotty said on Star Trek, ya canna repeal the laws of physics. So until time travel is perfected (my next project) a few things are more clear than a year ago:
  1. I don't know of any full time in-house DBAs > 60 years old. I do know of one leading health nut doing a lot of contracting at that advanced age, but nobody charging up the hill as a full time FTE Carbon Based Programming Unit.
  2. No full time DBA openings at homeBase city in last year in my technology.
  3. What are all these kids doing in development? Shouldn't they be carded?

So, one way or another I figure the time to hustle my buns back to the house full time is limited. Maybe to about 18 months. Probably look to do more analysis/architect/curmudgeon work after that, more hands-off. That's just the way it be, as I sees it. Hell, listening to ZZTop while screaming down I-71 is still cool, but Eliminator came out over 25 years ago.

Next year still has some good stuff, and lots of shitty test scripting too. So I'll be along for the ride.

Listening to PPL and waiting for the festivities to start in a little while.

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