Sunday, December 05, 2010

Back from NYC, seeing my daughter, meeting with the delightful Erica, and investigating my daughter's BF. He seems good. I shall let him live. Another year. On good behavior.

Noodled around NYC. Came upon this statue. I still claim he engineered the assanation of President Garfield.

And, best of all, Erica helped me complete the first poem since High School. Thus the dang grammar tag. Don't think Patty H is a reader of this blog, so I'm going to let fly with this baby:
There once was a girl from Yonkers
Whose tuches was driving me bonkers
She's sit on one cheek
and let out a squeek
And occasionally suprise me with honkers.
Thank you, Erica. If you want fine poetry or prose, just click on any of the fine blogs to the right. That's about it for my literary output.

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