Friday, September 10, 2010

Tomorrow is a Day of Rememberance Also 

The 9/11 attack 9 years ago. Neither forgotten or forgiven. Those that cheered the attacks and who currently defend the murderers are not forgiven either. It is too bad that it includes many people near to the current President.

A little unsettled by the recent reorganization, but this should totally satisfy any technical jones that should come up in the near future. Overall, the job is good and I'm miles ahead of sitting around the house and interviewing for work. Imploded Cleveland real estate market makes it pretty unlikely to move downstate, but plan to enjoy what I can of Columbus. Nice, easy Rosh Hashana and following weekend. Helps a lot. Actually, given the lifespan of my current technology, it's pretty likely I'll be moving back home in a couple of years.

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