Monday, September 06, 2010

(no) Labor Day 

Good to have the time off after the two week test frenzy, but did lose a day due to upset stomach. Otherwise, pretty quiet. We had a reorganization at work last week so that's the latest uncertainty thrown in the mix. Overall, this commuting up and down I-71 seems to be OK. It sure beats the hell out of sitting around by the shores of Lake Erie without gainfull employment. Pretty soon my daughter will be in for Yom Kippur. Then later in the month I sit in judgement of my fellow citizens in Jury Duty.

At this rate, if there aren't a lot of crises at work or at my house so far away I can continue OK, but will probably spend more time in Columbus over the winter. Snow can get deep up the highway. Social life is pretty much nil since the breakup a couple of weeks ago, and hope to get it going again after jury duty. Lots to do in Bustown. That would be attractive to staying longer term. But in the end I think Cleveland's collapsed real estate market will be hard to overcome. In the meantime spending a lot of time drinking with a friend who'se wife is giving him the heave-ho. Very strange thing: they're both in the same house; nobody's moved out. Maybe it will work out for him after all. I hope so.

Not too much blather at my sister's yeaterday. I'm pretty much inured to it. Know what she thinks/won't make a damn bit of difference in how I vote, where I worship, or spend my money, or drive, or eat, or wear, or where I live.

Later, dudes and dudettes.


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