Thursday, September 30, 2010

I am not happy with the change in job. Not. One. Little. Bit.

Been a month since the reorg was announced, sundering the cool stuff from the alta kockers left behind (me, et. al.). After the usual BS assurance that database work remained #1 said kockers were dumped in a strange and inhospitable landscape. Along the way I ran smack dab up against commitments that I couldn't evade (legal, parental, religious). But those responsible for providing support for the remainder team (security, training) had no such restrictions. And yet, these support groups could not be moved to move faster. QED, FAIL!

This smells bad. Results rule. Have made suggestions to new manager to prove I'm not brain dead. It may come off as being a whiny little bitch. First few months here were great, actually exciting. September ate the big one, and don't see how I'll move off the new shit and back to what I was hired to do soon. Best thing to do is start looking for a new job. It's going to come down to that.

Also, it is hard work shutting the fuck up about it. Attitude leaks out. Trying not to have it do so. Go for long walks around the floor mid-morning and mid-PM. Keeps me somewhat cooled off. No point in beating a dead horse, or a live tiger, for that matter.

The good stuff is still out there, and pro-forma on my plate. I would love a great deal to get back to it. But really question if I can do that effectively. The sooner I get cracking looking for a better opportunity, the sooner I'll find one.



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