Saturday, April 03, 2010

I Has Spoken! 

The people have made their choice! Mainly, the local GOP primary ballot has been cast (me) 'cause that's all, folks for Cleveland and here are the decisions:

Voted for a High School classmate for Domestic Relations judge. Never met her, was part of a class > 1000 kids. Anyway, her name ain't Russo, Celebreeze, Sweeny, Corrigan or McMonagle so she's in.

Voted for best fit to two minor state offices. Peeps, you gotta take a chill pill! All candidates for Secretary of State and Auditor were good, and it ain't gonna make a big differenced which ones get in, if at all. None of 'em will personally guard the State Line from Obamacare, et al. Beating each other up over who is the truest conservative means squat in these cases. Both have to be honest, and my pick is the candidate with the best fit to the office. Unless we can clone Josh Mandel. Once we can do that, we need him to take all the offices.

As expected there was a no show to take down the aptly named Congresswoman Marcia Fudge. I did one of my kid's High School friends a favor and got him that job. Actually, he's the guy that got her away from the hippie B.S., and moving toward religion and a clearer view of politics. Also, he came here from a part of the former CCCP, beloved of liberals. Man, you never see a former Soviet subject and flaming Obamanite in the same room. The Dohrn lovers never will face up to what their Russian pals inflicted on regular people, or why said people fled to the USA and not the other way around. I tells ya, it clears the Commos out of the room like a ripe, juicy fart.

You're welcome.


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