Sunday, April 18, 2010

I am going to accept a job offer downstate. It's a two hour drive from here, but here has nothing and this offer cannot be found anywhere around here. This is going to be a very busy time, uncomfortably so for the first month or two. Will keep the house up here, my daughter probably inhabiting it this summer, and plan to spend weekends here. Pretty damn intimidating. Sticking around here and not working is not an option.

Don't know if the girlfriend is ticked or not. Had to bring it up last night, and she knew I was looking at this job. She had just gotten back from a vacation and it seemed like I was taking a healthy poop on her mellow, but she needs to know the score.

Like I said, intimidating. Will need to set up a local Fortress of Database Excellence down there and be here on the weekends. Watch for a lot of Cappy's dollars take wing over the corn kissed fields of Franklin County real soon.


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