Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Head 'Em Up! Move 'Em Out! 


Actually, me. Lease signed, cable scheduled and furniture delivery planned. Yee-haw! Was actually getting a little melancholy about being in RedTown most of the week, but lately (as in, the last hour or so) feel a shitload of a lot better about it.

Since this kicked off a lot of peeps at home have used the opportunity do dump their agendas on yours truly. I've bitched about said agendae before. Guess you could say they're assholes. This afternoon had to put my sister here off FB feed. Don't really care to hear how spiffy CastroCare is. For the love of Murgatroid, won't they ever shut up? I mean, they've got Obama, and still it is not enough!

Also the ex is hassling me and my daughter for some bullshit with Child Support. This ended in January. The agency had a prosecutor at the hearing. The hearing declared it finished. I don't know what the ex wants, but in no ways should she drag my kid into it. WTF: how much more kangarooey can the process be in her favor, and still it is not enough!

So, I continue to gobble down local delacacies. Today I demolished enough beef and grilled onions at Eat at Joes to make a half dozen vegans weep. But as far as leaving the abovementioned drek behind, no regrets.

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