Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Eat Food. Get Gas 

Visited Irv's, on Taylor Road in the People's Republic today for lunch. Not bad. Much less harmful bacteria than the last visit a quarter century ago. Used to eat there after school almost 50 years ago. They rolled out throwback pricing, in my honor. I presume. Very nice. It is physically impossible to cross the borders of Cleveland Heights for any purpose without massive goddamn hate America opinion coming at you from one source or another. Nevertheless, I'll continue to visit Irv's every 25 years regularly, whether I need it or not.

I am halfway convinced to do a spreadsheet pointing out where my in-town sister, the one with FreeCreditReports.com slacker boyfriend has arrogated to him privileges that they hate when exercised by my productive, employed brother in law. The list is too embarrassing and disgusting to post. Y'see, that is what is wrong with the left. It's not like they actually want to even help those they say they want to help. Their objective is to tell you what to eat, drink, drive, play, wear, smoke, watch, and shoot while preserving those rights exclusively for themselves. This is very personal.

Job nibbles are trickling in. The latest is from downstate in a neighboring state. I may be in for big time corn storage.


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