Saturday, January 30, 2010

With emancipation comes the post emancipation rant about the Cuyahoga County Domestic Relations Court, hereby referred to as Assholes in Black Robes. They set the rules of the game, deciding child custody and parenting rights by whim. My judge at the time of divorce was Christine McMonagle, who has moved on to screw up another bench. On her whim my daughter was sent to The Ratner School. I had my Ratner Rant a while ago. In my opinion, The Ratner School acted criminally, interfering with my parental rights and by continually refusing access to information guaranteed to me under Federal Law.

I didn’t take it back to court because I ran out of money to fight this. If you don’t take it to court continually then under the doctrine of Laches you can’t bring a case later. So it is a perfect world of Parental Alienation, designed, implemented and enforced by the Assholes in Black Robes.

What does it mean to you? This is the MO of the liberal. There will not be and Obama SS. No hobnail boots marching, no reeducation camps, no blue helmets. But when they decide to remake a part of America you hold dear, from owning firearms to enjoying a football game, even dropping in at McDonalds, then a million petty tyrants will regulate and litigate all of this away. And then you too can face your own Assholes in Black Robes, with no legal recourse.


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